E-Commerce Data pushing to Google Ads


we want to push the values auf the e commerce data to our google ads account.
I try to use the value part at the google ads conversion tag via our “grand_total” variable, but we get sometimes strange values in google ads.
Sometimes we have for example 20 conversions but no values.
And sometimes we have values.

This is our Datalayer:

This is our e Commerce tag in piwik tag manager:

This is the Google Ads Tag for transactions:

It would be great if somebody could help us. Thank you very much.

Currently, it seems like you are using our old ecommerce setup.
Our ecommerce has recently changed and we highly advise to implement the recent one.
You can see the recent changes here: Set up ecommerce tracking | Piwik PRO help center and here are the newest methods used in the new ecommerce: API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 17.4 documentation

Also could you please send me a URL to the site that you are referring to? You can send it here under the thread or to me via private message.

Hello asinior,

we using it for example on this website https://www.igus.de/
In Piwik Analytics the e commerce data are looking good. Just the try to push it to google ads seems to be a problem.