E-Commerce Tracking with xt:Commerce6

Hi again,

I’m back today with what will probably be another newbie question.

For info; Piwik is implemented via Google TagManager, according to this tutorial.

I have setup an E-Commerce Tracking Tag via the Piwik TagManager which is triggered by the ‘purchase’ event I also use to log conversions in GA3 via GTM (without any problems). Here’s the Tag & Trigger setup:

Now, I already know that I need to work on my variables as nested dataLayer (as explained here) is not supported by Piwik. But this isn’t the problem for now.

The main issue is that the E-Commerce Tag doesn’t even fire in the first place, despite using the same trigger event as the Tags I deploy via GTM, which all work without issues.

I have no idea what causes this. When I do a test purchase everything tracks fine via GA3 / GTM Debug view, but Piwik does not even register the event.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you see this datalayer event in the tag manager debugger? Attaching screenshot of the debugger’s events log.


Thanks @kuba, unfortunately I do not immediately.

Here’s what I do see:

I just dug a little deeper and noticed that Piwik does track the event, but doesn’t identify it as a ‘purchase’ event. Event number 14 with no name contains the purchase dataLayer:


So I guess the question is how to access that.

Hi. Do you know how those datalayer events were added to your website? Did you use some integration or was it implemented by you?

They were implemented by us.

Could you share a piece of code that was used to implement that? I guess, it was not done via dataLayer.push.

My assumption here would be that you implemented the dataLayer with use of gtag instead of dataLayer.push.

I will have to ask one of our engineers, unfortunately they are all deadly busy. If it is indeed implemented via gtag, would switching to dataLayer.push solve the issue?

Yes, since we fully support dataLayer push. On our end we’ll research if we could support also the structure created after pushing via gtag, but it’s not something that can be done quickly.

Okay, thank you very much! I’ll try to get a hold of one of our engineers and will update the topic accordingly.

Hi @l.k.bgp , we added support for events pushed by the Google tag (gtag.js). Such events are transformed into data layer events.