Ecommerce - No data collect in Piwik pro


I work for a customer :

I’ve made the Piwik setup and also the ecommerce part.
As you can see in these screenshots, my tags are set correctly. On the debug view, my ecommerce tags are triggered correctly. Even when I check hit on the Network tab of Google Chrome, the hit is sent with all variables on Piwik.

BUT I still don’t have ecommerce data. Is it maybe because we have reached the hit limit, and Piwik is blocking data for ecommerce reports ?

Can you please help ?

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Hi @Arthur,

It looks like your SKU is sent as an integer, instead of a string.

You can validate the error in tracker debugger (About the tracker debugger | Piwik PRO help center), that would show you the exact error on why the action was not added to analytics.

These are the properties and their types as expected by our platform (as seen in API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 18.14 documentation).

sku - Required [string] Product stock-keeping unit
name - Optional [string] Product name (default: “”)
category - Optional [string|Array<string>] Product category or an array of up to 5 categories (default: “”)
price - Optional [number|string] Product price has to be a float number or a string containing float number representation (default: 0)
quantity - Optional [number|string] Product quantity has to be an integer number or a string containing integer representation (default: 1)
brand - Optional [string] Product brand (default: “”)
variant - Optional [string] Product variant (default: “”)

Would it be possible for you to add the SKU as a string in dataLayer?


Hi @rmastop ,

Thank you for your quick answer.

We work with a developper team so it can be done but not so quickly.

Do you think that this mistake concerning a single variable could block the entire dataLayer collect ?

Because there’s no data at all on Piwik pro for the ecommerce.


Hi @Arthur,

If all SKU data is added as an integer, that would mean not a single event is correct and would show up as a broken event:

I tested it, by tracking a product detail view, it resulted in an error like this in tracker debugger.

We require the SKU to be sent as a string, not as an integer.

That said, let me validate with the product team what the options are to be a bit less strict here, by adding it as a feature request.

Kind regards,

Hi @rmastop,

Thank you so much for your answer.

Ok it’s nice to know that a feature could be added to solve this issue, but if it’s integrated in a long time could you please provide me like a function to implement in Piwik in order to transform the SKU variable to be considered as a String ?

Thank you again for your time.