Ecommerce solution for websites with multiple markets

We have noticed that the current “solution”/work around for reporting Ecommerce data on a global website with multiple markets is a very administrative solution in regards of data collection and reporting of the correct currency and revenue for each market.

Response regarding this issue in the Community Forum: Currency translation for Ecom on International Website - #4 by Oliwer_Kaczmarek

Compared to Google Anlaytics that have a currency converter built-in is a great way for easier reporting the correct amount of revenue for each currency.

One feature request I would like to make, is a new solution for this like a currency converter built-in Piwik Pro and Property Views like Google Analytics Universal had. If that would be possible, we could collected all data for the site in one container/property and divide the reporting of the data for both locales but also the Ecommerce data for each market.

A better solution should be implemented for Global Ecommerce websites regarding Ecommerce Reporting and data collection. Otherwise this is a huge showstopper.

Hey @Dataguy,
currently we do not support multi currency setup. Planned for Q4‘23.

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