Error connection on Powerbi


I couldn’t connect Piwik PRO on PowerBI and I don’t really understancd.
I think I followed the instructions correctly : Microsoft Power BI Desktop integration | Piwik PRO help center

On PowerBI, I got the following error : " Nous avons rencontré une erreur lors de la tentative de connexion. Détails : "Désolé… Nous n’avons pas trouvé le champ " errors " de l’enregistrement. "


Any idea please ?

Thank a lot !

Hi @Bentow94! Thanks a ton for waiting for our answer! There’s one very basic thing that might mess with the connection and throw such errors. Please, check if the location of the custom connector files is exactly the same as specified in the instructions. The path and catalog names have to be exactly the same.

If you confirm that and keep getting the error, please reach back to me. Thank you!

Hi Emilia
It seems to work now (I didn’t change anything).

But I have another issue now.

When I try to load data, I get this error :


Do you have any idea please
Thank you !

Hi Ben! I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. But I did have one another report of it so we are trying to figure out what it is dependent on. Could you send me your Piwik PRO account address through private message? I’d like to dig deeper and be able to finally help you. Thanks a lot!