Error: Invalid property path - must be a non-empty string


I have a strange problem here that I never ran into: Whenever I try to load a tag using Piwik PRO tag manager I see the following error in the console (caused by the container script) and tags do not fire after consent interaction (consent form loads successfully).

At first I thought there might be a misconfigured tag but it even occurs when I pause all tags but one that needs “Analytics” consent (or any other) and just logs something to the console when fired.

any ideas what´s causing this? Unfortunately, I cannot share the URL here but maybe someone had similar problems and can hint me to a solution.


Hi Markus,

Could you please show where does this points to?


PM with full URL and link to the test site is on the way :wink:

You have in your code on website
<script> window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; window.dataLayer.push([]); </script>
Which if you’d put in console generates the same error on page:

The problematic part is the pushing of empty array.


Thanks a lot! What a stupid and unnecessary act to push an empty array (or any array) to the dataLayer. Hopefully my client can get rid of this ASAP.