Piwik PRO script blocked to load properly

Hello Piwik Team,

we asked the dev team to implement the piwik script on our client site Betaalbaar wonen met alles in je buurt – Erasmus Gardens - Erasmus Gardens

I can see the cookie consent banner, but no data is recorded into piwik analytics, and the tag manager debugger doesn’t load. There is apparently a script issue.

The dev team told me:
There is an error ({{ gtm.elementId }}) in the file that is retrieved from the script.
This file causes the problem: https://izoard.containers.piwik.pro/24edbe72-7e4a-48e1-a220-97281eab9e08.js

FYI, Google tag manager is also setup on the site.
Is it possible the Google tag manager is blocking by any way, the piwik tag to fire properly?


I see also Uncaught Error: Circular variable reference detected. Could you review your variables definition? Most likely this error is blocking firing of all other tags.

Indeed, a wrong variable was causing the issue. !

Problem fixed