Filter out GA string parameter?


I am trying to filter out the “_ga” string from urls. In the “Remove parameters from page URLs” section, I have added "ga as a parameter BUT I’m still seeing the GA string show up in the pages report (Analytics > Reports > Pages. Here’s an example page URL:!page.widget_start?wbid=c1152t201403061010p23855m2rnw33MR7wF4vc&theme=1151&p_start=1**&_ga=2.244234125.985077186.1683624585-851333921.1683624585**

Do I need to filter this in a different way? Or does Piwik Pro only filter out parameters that appear immediately after the question mark?

Hi @David_Culbertson,

This should remove the parameter you’re seeing:


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Thank you for confirming, now working as expected.


I also just noticed some URLs using “_gac” instead of “_ga.” Apparently, this is to help Google Analytics get around Apple privacy.