How to exclude URL with given param?

How to exclude Piwik Core collecting data on url that contain a parametre that contain /? eg.**/?_gl=1**. There is no such setting anymore as described here! Thank you!


I have the same question. I can’t locate the setting that is discussed in the previous topic.

Hi there!

This setting is located in Administration > Site settings.
Here’s an article when you can find more detailed descriptions: About site or app settings | Piwik PRO help center.


thanks for the answer. This probably just cleans the URLs from reports and does not really exclude them? We really want to exclude these from the analytics. These URLs mess up our analytics with unnnecessary page views. How could we exclude these URLs with given parameters from the analytics completely?

And the problem does not end with page views. When comparing audience where these pages with # or /? in the URL excluded with All visitors there is a huge difference in Visitors. Any idea how this is possible?


Here you can see the segment rules.

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I have the same issue!


Yes, the setting I sent you only cleans up the URLs in reports.

Regarding your issue, it really depends on your site/app structure and how you have your tracking container set up. If you don’t want to track any pages with those characters, you could do it in your websites code, and only have the tracking container code put in if the URL matches.

  1. What would the filter appear as if I intended to reset the reports for URLs containing “#” or “/?”? For example, URLs such as .com/#page or .com/?category. The website consists of numerous URLs of this nature.

  2. Furthermore, Piwik disrupts user sessions whenever scroll anchors are used on the website. For instance, if a user clicks a button that triggers a scroll to the halfway point of the page, Piwik interprets this action as the termination of the original session and starts a new visitor session. Is there a potential solution to address this issue with Piwik? My suspicion is that Piwik marks the original sessions as bounces due to the placement of the scroll anchor link at the top hero section of the page.

  1. This website has over 150 unique pages, is there any other way to stop Piwik tracking dynamic urls? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @analyticskeener,

To stop tracking particular pages, you could change the trigger for Piwik PRO tag to fire only when the URL matches your needs.