Filters do not work with Data Studio Connector (from 28.11.)

Dear Team.
Whilst the Data Studio Connector from 28.11. fixed some other issues (e.g. the cumulation Topic I adressed earlier) we wtill cannot use filters with it.

Is there any schedule on when this will also be fixed? We have a Dashboard with KPIs that we’d like to filter per campaign - but when we do, all widgets are broken.

Thanks, Susanne

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Hi, just fyi - due to holiday season new releases are expected in January.

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Perhaps a related issue but whenever i start to use filters, data is not showing up properly.

In a table the filter is working (url include /fr/) but the total is showing the value from the first row and not total:

Same when using that filter on a card. It shows first result number and not the total


Any updates regarding to this request?

Hey guys, I experienced the same probem with “Goal name”. Wanted to filter them but field was broken after.

My workaround: I created a new field inside Looker Studio which is basically a copy of “Goal name”. Using this new created dimension as a copy is now able to be filtered.

@Susanne @dave @seo @AlBey
Thank you for all of the feedback in this thread. I wanted to let you know that we’re working on this for our upcoming update. I’ll announce the date here a bit later this or next week.


similar filter problem occours here (connector v1.0.06):
I wanted to show entry pages in a simple data table filtered by device type - all I get is Data Set Connection Errors.


Hey Nila, the standrad dimensions from piwik are not filterable right now in looker studio.
You can create a new dimension in looker studio which is basically a copy of yours which is needed (device type). Use this new dimension instead and it should be filterable.

Hey @AlBey , thanks for your help! I will try that in looker studio :slight_smile:

@Susanne @dave @seo @AlBey as I mentioned before, we’re working on an update to further improve filtering capabilities in our connector. The new version will release at the beginning of March.

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Another update - the fix for issues related to filters was unfortunately pushed for the release we have planned for April. We’ll update this thread again as soon as it’s ready.

Hello Piotrek,
Any news concerning filters in Looker Studio ?

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Hello @Nathalia,

I apologize - we released an update in April but didn’t update this thread as promised.

We announced it here: Filtering in Google Data Studio / Looker Studio - #6 by Piotrek.

We released a batch of improvements for filters in that release.

Hi @Piotrek,
Thanks for your answer.
We are trying to filter a single table chart with a control/drop-down list based on a native custom dimension and it’s not working (Data Set Configuration Error).
It is annoying since we cannot use our custom dimensions to filter our reports.
How can you help us ?

Thanks in advance

All the filters are working now, I updated the connector.

Hi @Piotrek .
Thanks, it works with one filter! Nevertheless, when I add another one, it does not work.
The typical usecase we are building is to have one filter as a dropdown list that is valid for the whole Dashboard (e.g. a Campaign Name Filter) - when I add another filter to one of the widgets (e.g. to filter out empty campaign names) it breaks the widget again.
Also, it now does not cumulate which had been fixed before.

Do you think it will be possible to deploy this (usage of more than 1 Filters) in the future with an other connector that also cumulates?
Thanks, Susanne