Firing multiple event call on the click of a button


Whenever i clicked on the button or any link, i am getting multiple event call.

Every event call gets incremented by one. Suppose if i click on any link then i get the one event call and if i again click on the same link then this time i get the two same event call, and then third time click on the same link i am getting three same event call .

Is there any way to stop triggering the multiple events as it will increase the hits unnecessarily?

Any help in this would be highly appreciated. Below is the sample code that i am using.

And triggered is all elements click.

var _paq = _paq || [];
     var label=jQuery(this).text();
    _paq.push(['trackEvent','Footer Menu','Click',label]);

Hi. Instead of using jQuery on click function, try to use native click trigger.

Then you tag code would be limited to getting the label and sending an event.


Thanks for your reply.

But for every click, i am not seeing values in click classes in the variable values while debugging it using debug mode of piwik pro

Can you share the HTML code of clicked element and the screenshot of the click event values from the TM debug mode?