Free tool for downloading raw data and report CSVs from Piwik PRO

Hello everyone, I thought I will share this here so more people can find it.
A while ago I made a free tool that allows to download raw data and reports CSVs from Piwik PRO without struggling with the authentication, any type of scripts etc. It has a form of Chrome Extension.

Basically it provides a in-browser GUI for handling your query definitions and displaying progress of the download, and saves files automatically.

You can check the video to get a feel of it:

Link to the website with presentation and download link from Chrome Store is here:

Maybe someone tackling similar issues with downloading raw data as I did, will find it through this post and save some work by using it.

Also, I will happily welcome any suggestions/feedback/bug reports :slight_smile:

I hope such a post is within constraints of the community forum, I chose “lobby” category as it is described for “sharing your content” :wink: