Development on localhost

Dear Piwik Pro community
I have started evaluating the migration from GA to PiwikPro. As I am adding calls to the javascript tracking API in my current dev environment, it looks like my event correctly get caught by the debugger but the reports remain empty (“no data available”).
I have tried adding localhost to the settings, but it did not help.
Any hints about my issue?

What do you mean bu debugger? Tag Manager debug mode or tracker debugger? Can you check in the browser’s console if the requests were sent properly to servers?

Thanks Kuba.
I meant Tracker debugger.
I can see on the dev tools of Chrome 96 in the Network tab all calls to <my-instance> with expected parameters, as well as the resulting entries in the Tracker debugger.
The analytics reports however remain empty.

The data on the reports appears with a ~30 mins delay (it’s due to the fact that only closed sessions can be transferred to the analytics engine).

Yes Kuba, I am aware of the delay (now I’m aware of the reason, thanks).
I have been sending events for some hours this afternoon but reports remain empty.

Can you show events registered for one of the visits (maybe all events are marked as broken or excluded?) or share the account name to that we could check it?

Dear Kuba
Thanks for following up on this issue.
Now I can see the events in the reports (havent’t analysed these in details). This wasn’t the case last week, where the reports remained empty (I wrote on 27/01 but you can see in the screenshot that I already had events flowing on the 26/01)
It there a delay to expect for the reports to get generated or updated?

Generally, it should be between 30mins and 1h. It depends on the session duration.

Well obviously it took more than one day. I’ll try again.

If there are still delays, please share the instance name here or on priv and we’ll troubleshoot.

Thanks @Kuba. How can I send you a private message?