Goals: what data is being registered?


What kind of data is being recorded when a goal is being tracked? I would have thought for example page title would be recorded also. But I noticed this is not the case. Also I would have hoped there would be some - under the hood - logic to connect page title and page url to each other. It seems this is not the case.

I have a dashboard widget set to show best visit pages based on page title, some metrics like views etc and then my goals which all show zero. Adding the page url as a dimension to the table just creates a whole new set of table rows instead of matching it with the title. In GA and also data studio I’m used to the records working together.

Any way to fix this?

Hi. I guess it depends on the way you collect the goal conversions. I have a pretty standard one triggered on the /contact page and it works fine:


I don’t know. I’m using the standard goals from within Piwik. I didn’t see any options to configure anything else except a trigger.

Ok, so you set it up using Tag Manager, yes? Just checked this scenario (Goal conversion tag template, goal set to be converted manually, example trigger that executed the tag on page view):

Here is the tracker call that was triggered:


Could you check how it looks in your case? Maybe it’s missing the &url param for some reason?


No, I only set-up the event in Tag Manager that triggers the goal. The goal itself had been set-up in Piwik Analytics (automatic) based on ‘event X’ has been triggered.

The url is getting registered, it’s the page title that I’m missing.

OK, thanks for clarification. I guess the only solution here is to use a custom dimension to store this additional data.

  1. Define goal as “manual”
  2. Add a new Document variable in TM with the value set to title
  3. Add a new goal conversion tag
  4. In the goal conversion tag, configure additional event scoped custom dimension and set its value to the one defined in point 2
  5. Configure trigger for the tag

Generally, if the goal conversion was defined to trigger on page view, the title should be saved. If you trigger it when custom event happens, you won’t have access to page title since custom events by default don’t store this information.