Problem With Goal Conversion Reporting


I’ve set up a goal in Piwik PRO which is based on “Visit page with URL” & “URL Contains”. I can see from page reports that the page has been visited but the goal report still shows 0 conversions. I’ve rechecked the URL and the date - everything looks correct. Why is my report showing 0 conversions?

Can you share the exact goal definition and the page url you’re checking? You can always check the setup by using the tracker debugger.

Hi kuba, Please see an example of the goal report not working below:

The Screenshot shows a page report in which a user visited a url containing this: “/resources/thank-you/?resource=Transition to a Cookie-less Future: A Guide for Brands” on the 15th April.

This is set up as a goal “Viewed Transition to Cookieless Future Guide” in the goal section of Piwik and yet no goal conversion has been registered. I don’t understand why.

Ok, thanks. And what’s the goal definition? Can you paste a screenshot or describe? You can find it in Goals → you goal name → edit.

Track goal automatically

Visit page with URL

URL Contains:
/resources/thank-you/?resource=Transition to a Cookie-less Future: A Guide for Brands

You have to encode the URL correctly. Try with such string: /resources/thank-you/?resource=Transition%20to%20a%20Cookie-less%20Future%3A%20A%20Guide%20for%20Brands

Hi Kuba,

I’ve done exactly as you suggested - I set up a new test goal with the string /resources/thank-you/?resource=Transition%20to%20a%20Cookie-less%20Future%3A%20A%20Guide%20for%20Brands and then visited the page yesterday. My page view appeared in the tracker debugger and I can also see the page view in the pages report but my goal report still shows no conversions.


I just tested it and it looks correct.

Am I doing something differently to you? I just went on the page myself and the page view was recorded again with no goal conversion:

I’m very confused.

For some reason, your URL has colon sign encoded in a different way. Actually, it’s not encoded. I cannot really reproduce. Maybe there is some issue with URL encoding on your site? To debug further, I added an additional goal, so we have 2 test goals - one with full encoding, and 2nd one without encoding for the colon. Can you test it now? We’ll check which one works with your setup.

BTW. to check the original request, you can always use the `</> icon near the event name in tracker debugger. There you can check the real URL that was sent to the tracker (via url param).

Hi kuba,

Apologies for the delay coming back to you but this is working now.

Thanks so much for your help!