Google Ads Campaign

My Google Ads campaign is showing up as Google Ads Unknown, I tried using this guide: to set up the campaign, what exactly do I need to do there?

It’s usually lack of utm_campaign, utm_source and utm_medium parameters. Please make sure that they’re added to your landing page.

There are 2 places where Google Ads campaigns data can be found:

  • Reports → Campaigns - those are tracked directly by Piwik PRO and require UTM tags
  • Reports → Google Ads - you have to enable integration with Google Ads and the data like impressions, clicks, cost, will be downloaded from Google. It’s also good to have UTM tags added for better matching data from Google and Piwik PRO tracker.

How can i add the parameters to my landingpage?

Do i need to have PiwikPro Cloud or is there another option to connect Piwik Pro and Google?

Settings on the screen from Piwik PRO are ok.
You have to set it up in Google Ads just as in the article you linked in your first post. Edit your ad and update the Final URL setting.

You can connect with Google Ads from any type of product hosting, just the way you configure the integration is different for the cloud and on-premises. If you’re using a free account then it’s hosted on the cloud and you can integrate easily by following the steps described in the article I linked.

Hey Jarek,

could one train PIWIK to respect GLC parameter ?glc like GA does in the settings screen from Paula as a workaround? Might be easier as this parameter is added automatically (auto tagging) by default in GAds than using UTM parameters in all the Google Ads campaigns, especially if they were never used before.

I suppose you’re referring to gclid parameter. Piwik PRO already tracks that and uses it for the purpose of integration with Google Ads and traffic classification (if gclid is present then automatically google/cpc is set up for source/medium dimension).

However, it’s not possible for the Piwik PRO tracker to read out of gclid what are the UTM tags set up for the ad so if you want to have campaign names in reporting instead of “google ads unknown” it requires adding UTMs explicitly.

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@Jarek I did and thank you for the explanation. I assume GA can do it because both systems can “talk” to each other, but PIWIK needs the UTM to classify it into the right buckets. Thanks again, appreciate the answer.

That’s the point, likely gclid contains some useful data about the campaign that we as a 3rd party tool cannot read out of it.

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Hi Jarek,

I’ve tried all of what you wrote but it still doesn’t give me the right data.

In the Campaigns report this is what happens:

  • All my campaigns with no UTM parameters come out at Google Ads Unknown.
  • The campaigns with this Final URL: utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign={campaignid}&utm_content={adgroupid}&utm_term={keyword} come out with an ID (the campaign’s ID) for the campaign name
  • I tried with this final URL: utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign={campaignname}&utm_content={adgroupname}&utm_term={keyword} and that came out as {campaignname}

In the Google Ads report I get some campaign names, but definitely not all of those that have nbeen clicked, and the report shown no data in Clicks (Google Ads), Cost (Google Ads), Average CPC (Google Ads), CTR (Google Ads) - There is only data in Sessions and Bounce rate.

Do you know what’s wrong?

{campaignid} is not the right value for utm_campaign to match with campaign names downloaded from Google Ads API.
It seems that Google Ads doesn’t have a campaign name available for the final URL setup.

Check out my answer in the following thread, that should help: Linked Google ads showing "google ads unknown' - #6 by Jarek

Hi Jarek

I tried what you linked for. So now my campaign has this parameter:


I also added a Custom Parameter {_campaign} = [The name of my campaign]

Now I get the camapign name in the reports but still no adgroup, Clicks, Cost, Average CPC and CTR.