Google Ads campaigns vs purchases

we have succesfully connected WooCommerce and Google Ads. But we can’t figure out how to compare the Google Ads Campaigns vs their results in -ecommerce sales.
The standard Google Ads report is not displayed with e-commerce stats, although we can edit the report. But the sales numbers are set as “dimensions”, and seems like we therefore con not add to the report, getting the notification: Incorrect combination of data: Dimension (Web tracker), Metric (Google Ads)

This is quit an important report to have for a shop: which google ads campaign in bringing in what kind of money. So, how can we have such a report in Piwik Pro? Thanks!

Hi @woofers,
great that you’re successful with connecting WooCommerce and Google Ads.
It would be good to know precisely what combinations of dimensions and metrics don’t work for you. I’m guessing that you might be trying to combine Campaign name with Google Ads metrics like Cost (Google Ads). If you want to use metrics imported from Google, you have to use dimensions imported from there, for example, Campaign name (Google Ads).
Example combination of metrics that works correctly and can show the impact of the campaign on conversions and revenue:

I suppose that you’re referring to the Revenue dimension? When you drag it to the report as a dimension (even in the example above) the error will show up, but you can easily transform it into the metric when you click on the dimension’s menu:

Thanks, i got it now.

I just noticed that Performance Max Ads campaigns are not being tracked in Piwik Pro (also just read the docs). Is that correct? And is that a coming feature (cause Performance Max campaigns are pushed really hard by Google, and they do work at the moment)

That’s correct, Performance Max campaigns are not supported yet. We have it in plans though no exact date yet.

Thanks for the fast reply. Oops, that is a bit of a bummer for us. Lot’s of our e-commerce clients are switching to Performance Max.