Google Ads conversion tracking on existing tags

I have set up some tags/tracking on a website (click mail, contact form etc.)
But I now want to sent conversion data to Google Ads, so I can see, if any conversions come from Google Ads/and see in Google Ads which campaigns lead to conversions.

I have been following this guide:

But I have come to the step where I should set up a conversion tracking tag, and then it says I need to create a new tag with the conversion id/label. But I already have a ‘contact form submitted’-tag, and I don’t want to create another one - I just want 1 tag for each action (contact form, mail click etc.). What do I do from here?


Hi. What does the ‘contact form submitted’-tag do? I don’t see any issue in triggering two tags using the same trigger. I’d need a bit more details to be able to help.

Hi. The tag trigger when someone submit contact form on the website. Therefore, I dont want to tags with ‘contact form submitted’ - one for website and one for Google Ads. I just want my existing tag to send data to Google Ads, when someone submit the contact form through ads.

Hi. Of course, you can track both Piwik PRO and Google Ads conversions via custom code. Here’s the one you can use for Piwik PRO: API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 16.39 documentation

Still, I don’t see any risk in having two tags configured to use the same trigger. Technically it’s almost the same thing.

If I look in my goal data, I want to be able to look at ‘contact form submitted’ and see what source/medium the goal converted from. If I set up a second tag and integrate to google, how does the data from google and second tag connect to the goal?

I guess you can simply rely on the fact that you had the same trigger for both tags.

Still, as I said, you can set up both Google Ads conversion tracking as well as Piwik PRO goal tracking via one custom code tag. For Piwik PRO, you have all the docs here: API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 16.39 documentation

    var _paq = _paq || [];
    _paq.push(["trackGoal", '<yourID>']);

As for Google ads, all the instructions are available in the ads panel. Assuming that you have the gtag installed on all pages, you only need to paste the conversion code, something like this:

  gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send_to': 'AW-<your-id>/<your-label>'});