Is Google Ads Conversion Linker Tag Needed with Google Ads Tag Template?


I’ve set-up some Google Ads conversion tracking using your Google Ads Conversion Tracking template. Do I still need to add Google’s conversion linker tag? I don’t see any help articles that clarify this (There is a help that shows to do it IF I’m manually the Google Ads conversion tag, Adding Google Ads Conversion Linker via Piwik PRO - Optizent)

Hey David,
you don’t need to set up a Google Ads Conversion Linker.
In case you would be interested in exporting goal conversions from Piwik PRO to Google Ads, we have a dedicated article in HC about that: How can I export goal conversions from Piwik PRO to Google Ads? | Piwik PRO help center

Google Ads conversion linker is kind of unrelated to Piwik Pro itself. From my experience it can impact mostly Safari users when you are using simple Google Ads conversion code, and it was made to counter apple inteligent tracking protection.

Should you install it? It depends on your setup. If your google ads conversion code is made with gtag.js you can skip it.

Thanks for the info. I prefer to use Google Ad’s own tracking. I did also set-up a Google Ads remarketing tag using the provided template but wanted to check on adding the linker which you’ve confirmed I don’t need.

I’m using the Google Ads prebuilt tag.


Finally getting around to testing this with PP tag debugger. The tag logic is set to fire the GA conversion when the URL contains “/contact-us/thank-you/”

In debug mode, the tag is not firing.

account: fvdublin

Does this make a difference?

View within session

Hi David,
I don’t see our consent banner on your website and the tag is set to fire when you have a conversion tracking consent. That might be the case why the tag is not firing.

Hi Pwachala,

I changed the setting the republished the tag. Still nothing. Here’s what debugger shows when I am actually on Contact Us - Thank You - Friendship Village of Dublin


Not fired

Tag type

Not require consent

Trigger name
URL contains /contact-…
Page Url
View within session

Hey David,
you have it set up to fire once per session, so maybe it fired already? I checked on my site and it’s working fine:

Still says “not fired” for me when I use the PP tag debugger and only enter the site after clearing my cookies (which I actually think does not matter for testing the tag). So, unfortunately, I have no confidence in PP tag manager to properly fire the Google Ads tag. I will probably have to continue using GTM.

Hey David, sure, I get it. I just wanted to add that the problem was probably related to cookies, as I tested it on your website and it worked well.

Perhaps but all I know is that GTM’s debug mode works fine regardless of cookie status so I have a much level higher of confidence in it.

Same issue here (i think). Set up the tags & triggers but nothing is happening in debug mode.


No idea if @kuba or someone else from the team has an answer on this? Thxs

That’s why I’m using Google Tag Manager. Working perfectly so far, including the preview mode.

want to get rid of G :wink:

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I wanted to as well, but GTM has proved to be more reliable in preview/debug mode which is critical.

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Yes… you can of course publish the whole thing and use other tools to check if everything is working fine but that’s not why you have a debugger for :slight_smile:

Reread my original post. I was unable to get the Piwik tag to fire to confirm that I was getting conversion tracking. GTM handled it without any issue.

Hi Dave!

Two suggestions from our side:

  1. There should be a text saying “Not Fired” under “FIRED”, but as you can see, there is “DNT” instead (which means “Do Not Track”). With DNT enabled, this tag won’t fire no matter the conditions. This could be caused by some blocking script/software you had enabled when taking the screenshot.
  2. It would be beneficial to change the tag to fire when page URL contains your sites URL (instead of equals). Your current setup can cause some issues with firing the tag. Right now the tag won’t work for a user who visits (this URL has no slash / at the end).
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