Google Universal Analytics (GA3) migration guide & early access program for automatic migrator

Hi there!

We’ve just published a comprehensive migration guide for those of you who are migrating from Google Universal Analytics (also known as GA3).

We also invite you to join the early access program to test our automatic migrator for GA3 and Google Tag Manager.

Hi @kuba ,

I looked into this a while ago and FYI it almost scared me off with the sentence:
"This is the minimal setup that will let you start collecting data. "

You could just start installing the container and then have great reports and collect nice data ‘automatically’, right?
I think, whether you need bullet 2, (3,) 4, or 5, depends on what you used to work with in GA3.

If I missed something, let me know.

You’re right. The container code alone provides lots of value, but the quality of data should improve after going through those steps.

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FYI we improved the copy a bit :slight_smile:

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Nice! I think this is much better.