Guidance to structure custom events

We want to track a few custom events on our customer portal, one example is a product stock check.
Data we’d like to capture is the productId, quantity for which the user is checking stock, the stock date our backend eventually returned.
Are there any pointers on how to structure that? We were thinking to use
Category: Stock
Action: Check
Name: ProductId
Value: 20373

Would this be an acceptable setup/scheme? Or How would anyone with experience on these things go about this?
Also Can we actually add more data to custom events in a way?

Hi :slight_smile: The structure you suggested makes sense. While setting it up, just make sure you know how you’d like to visualize it on reports then (I’d suggest flat or nested table with all dimensions). As for the additional fields, you can use event-level custom dimensions. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, we decide to make some changes but are starting to get the hang of it.