Having workspace / only publish my changes when working in parallel

Hello !

I’m often operating on the same Piwik PRO container in parallel with other specialists on different topics.
Whenever I want to publish my changes, the changes of the other specialist are included in the snapshot.
I’d like to be able to only publish my changes.
In Google Tag Manager, we have workspace that makes it convenient to work in parallel and being able to deploy specific changes.

I couldn’t find a way to only select my changes before publication or the possibility of having workspaces like in GTM.

Is there any possibility for that?
If not, could you please consider introducing workspaces in your roadmap?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Currently, workspaces are not on our roadmap, however, I will create a future request based on your submission.

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Another upvote for workspaces! :+1: While I understand this would require a very significant development effort on your part, this is a really important feature when more than one person is working in the same Piwik PRO Tag Manager container, which in my experience happens quite often.

Having said that, being able to add a title and description to each snapshot, and improving the way changes from last snapshot are displayed would already be greatly appreciated! Having to go through a list of nameless snapshots, then having to expand each item in a given snapshot, and finallly manually comparing each field in that item is a case for induced insanity.