High "Average time on page"


We have recently implemented Piwik and our reports are showing a higher than expected “Average time on page” for our top pages (over 15 mins). Any insight available on how exactly this metric is calculated? Does the user need to be interacting with the page?

I drilled down the most popular page by user and there are some coming in with an “Average time on page” of 3+ hours.


Hey @poliveira,

Please check if you have this option enabled in your Piwik PRO tag -

If yes, please check the last pages of sessions since there may be cases where users keep the tab while browsing other pages/websites.

Thanks for the reply kamilb. I do have that option enabled and it does look like the last pages of the sessions are the ones causing the extended times. So if a user opens a page in another tab and then forgets about it, would that could towards “time on page” even if the user doesn’t have the tab visible?

Hi @poliveira,

Yes, this would constantly send ping requests to upkeep the session.

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Hello ,i am new using piwik i am facing an issue if i add the matric avarage time one page the report dont show nothing .can you help please?

If I read the documentation correctly, I think your assumption is wrong.

Heartbeats are sent

as long as the page is in focus.

Thus, if the user is using another tab or window the time on page should not increase.
See also this forum discussion.

Hi @dav,

You are right here, Sorry for the confusion.
Basically there is a timer set and if we go to a different tab when the timer didn’t finish (it keeps running on the page) it won’t send a ping request, it will start a new timer and if you are on the actual website when the new timer finishes it will send the ping request. On every page ‘blur’ and ‘focus’ events you should also see a ping request.

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