Hostname in Looker Studio

In Piwik PRO reports I can select Page URL (domain), I would like to achieve the same in looker studio. Is there a way to compare hostnames or domain names in Looker Studio with the Piwik PRO connector?


In the Looker Studio connector it works a bit differently than in our product. In Piwik PRO you can transform Page URL to the page domain, but in Looker Studio you’ll find it as “Page domain” on the list of all dimensions.


Hi, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, I can’t find these dimensions in Looker Studio. I just checked this changelog documentation: Version 16 - Piwik PRO
Dimensions like Average page views in session , Average time on page and Page domain are not visible in my Data Source (the native Piwik PRO Analytics connector) in Looker Studio.

The Piwik PRO version I’m running is version 16.37.3 (checked in account > menu > in dropdown).

I also tried to disconnect and reconnect the Piwik PRO account with a new API key. What else should I try?

@Ambitious you may need to update the Looker Studio connector as well.

The latest version is always available here: Integrate Piwik PRO with Looker Studio

To update, you can follow our guide here: Update Looker Studio integration

Thanks Piotrek! This works! #happycustomer :wink: