How does the data retention work?

I also have a question on the data retention.
First, where can I see the data retention period? It’s 14 months, but starting when?
Secondly, do I understand correctly that I lose the complete last 14 months or is it “rolling”?

E.g.: I started using PIWIK on the 10th of March 2022 → 14 months later (10th of May 2023) I lose all the data I have in the system and start completely “fresh” (everything to 0) on the 11th of May?
Or do I start to lose the data gradually, starting with the 10th of March 2022, next day I’m losing the 11th of March 2022 and so forth?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi. Here is more on the data retention topic: For how long does Piwik PRO retain data? | Piwik PRO help center

The counter starts the moment you send the first event. When it comes to data deletion, it’ll be done gradually, deleting month by month. So you will always have access to data for at least the last 14 months.

Linked article has been updated to include all the details you asked about. Hope it helps!

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