How to export all Piwik Pro data?

Hi, I am currently using the free version of Piwik Pro. My goal is to create a dashboard in Power BI to monitor the performance of my website.

As I don’t know everything that is collected by Piwik Pro, I want to export all the data to explore it in my reporting in order to choose the KPIs that are relevant to my business.

Could you explain how to export all the data collected by Piwik Pro?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi Yaya!

The quickest way to access your Piwik PRO raw data is to use the Raw Data API:

Hi @anthonybartczak, in the linked developer/API documentation I can only find parameters to specify single columns for export. Is it possible to define ALL columns (“columns=*”) for export, so that a complete dump can be exported via the HTTP API without mentioning each single column? Kind regards Thomas

Hi @thomasgerstmann!

Please excuse me for the late response. As of now it’s not possible to define all of the columns with such wildcard. You have to define the column names (each one of them). That might change in the future, so I recommend keeping an eye on the changelog.