How to find pages that grow (or decrease) in number of pageviews over time

Is there a way to find webpages that are growing (or decreasing) in pageviews?
Those pages are not necessarily very popular (= high number of page views), so they are hidden among the others.
Is there a way to calculate this?

When I compare numbers between two periods, in the table the % of change is visible in green. But sorting this, to get the highest (or most negative) percentages on top, is not possible.
It would be nice if that was possible.
Is there a way outside of Piwik Pro, eg in Excel or elswhere?

thanks Gerrit

If you wanted to measure this then you could try handling it through your custom calculated metrics. Here is how to create such metrics: Create your own calculated metrics | Piwik PRO help center

I thought of this, but that would be the difference between the metric “page views”, connected to a date and the “page views”, connected to an earlier date. I don’t see how to do this.

I can tackle this issue by making a report, comparing two periods, and export the table data as csv.
The differences between metrics ( in the periods are not exported, so I need to make a new column with a calculation. I can then sort the sheet on values in that column, so that the highest growth is on top.
It would however be a nice feature if Piwik Pro make the comparison column sortable, so that you don’t need to do this in Excel (or other spreadsheet software).