Page timings report showing up weird

Hello, I have installed Piwik PRO’s snippet on my website since mid May and have been gathering data just fine. I’ve frequently look at the Page Timings reports to gauge the speed of my website and have seen a line graph showing from the day I implemented Piwik PRO. However, just a few days back I noticed that the Page Timings report is showing up weird, with all the data it collected about my website speed gone (except for 3 days).

Other reports work fine and have no similar loss of data. Attached is a screenshot of how my Page Timings report look like now even though all these dates used to have data. I am making some changes to my website and am using this report to juxtapose load times on the website. How do I fix this and get my post 3 months data back?

So I re-created the report in Custom Reports and actually got my data showing normally there, but it’s a custom report and the original Page Timings report still has the issue. I looked into the backend of the Page Timings report and saw that it has a Filter metrics with “Page views” set to is greater than or equals 100.

Weird thing is that I have not edited the Page Timings report before, and there isn’t a way to edit the report without it saving the changes as a new custom report. How come the Page Timings report suddenly automatically has a filter for greater than 100 page views and how do I get rid of this filter on the main Page Timings report without it creating a new custom report for any changes made?

Hi. The report has been updated recently. See the changelog entry:

The page timing report is now based on medians instead of averages, and it filters out reports with less than 10 page views to prevent edge cases from showing up at the top of the report.

I can confirm that the filter is set to 100 page views contrary to what the changelog states. @Jarek could you clarify?

The threshold is set to 100 as changelog states:

The rationale behind this is that for the purpose of collecting data in “Time to interact” dimension, an additional request has to be sent. To avoid doubling the traffic only 10% of page views get that request so in order to get at least 10 page views with complete timing data you need at least 100 page views in total.

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