How to get standard WooCommerce e-commerce numbers in Piwik Pro?

I’m quit baffled how difficult it is just to activate and measure e-commerce in Piwik Pro, in my case for WooCommerce. For Google Analytics 4; there is a play-and-play plugin called Pixel Manager for WooCommerce. Just paste the GA4-ID and that’s all.

Seems like this is way more complex in Piwik Pro; or am i overseeing some tutorial or plug-and-play solution? In my country (and surrounding ones), 7 out of 10 shops are build in WooCommerce and from my experience: online shop owners are more willing to pay for analytics for a regular website owner. So, why so complex? I understand it’s hard to build a plugin-and-play; but just a “standard” tutorial, screencast or script for a “standard” WooCommerce site; that’s not that difficult to write; no?

I do hope i can come to a solution; from what i’ve seen of e-commerce dashboards in Piwik Pro, it is remarkably good; compared to GA-4. I would really love to try it and maybe use if for tens of our e-commerce clients.

Hi. We’re about to release an official Woocommerce integration which should make it much easier. It’s currently in the testing phase.

That is amazing news! I’m happy to test it too if you want. What’s the best way to be informed about the release of this integration? Newsletter? Social Channels?

Our changelog or my LinkedIn. Our team might reach out to you earlier though to do some testing before official release if you want. :slight_smile: