Piwik Pro Integration with Woocmmerce

It would be great when you offer a intergration between Woocommerce and Piwik Pro

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Yes! A +1 from me for this. I found this abandoned :wink: WordPress plugin doing this. I can confirm this plugin no longer works, tested on a development server. It would be great if there was a very lightweight, simple plugin for WooCommerce to be able to capture ecommerce events in Piwik PRO.

I’m not much of a developer, but I’d be more than happy to help or test!

+1 from me also.

Currently, there is no documentation about how to set up ecommerce tracking with WooCommerce and this plugin would help a lot.

The new Piwik PRO Wordpress plugin helps in ecommerce tracking for Woocommerce
Read the steps here: