I am reaching my traffic limit for free plan. What happens when I cross it?

In this thread we discuss:

  • What happens when you reach the limit of the Piwik PRO Core plan?
  • Will the data collection continue and my account stay active?
  • How to upgrade to Enterprise (paid) plans?

If you get close to the data limit of the free plan, you’ll have two options:

  • Send fewer hits to your analytics (e.g., unplug some domains or track less events)
  • Upgrade to the Piwik PRO Enterprise

To get a quote for Piwik PRO Enterprise, please contact us via this form.

We’ll not block collecting data upon reaching Piwik PRO Core plan limit, so that you have time to either limit your traffic volume or upgrade to Piwik PRO Enterprise without losing valuable data.

To maintain high quality of service we reserve right to block data collection immediately if you reach over 5M actions / month (10 x Piwik PRO Core plan limit).

If you need higher traffic limit to evaluate our product, please contact us ahead of time.