Subscription expired

Any idea what’s this since we signed up for a free account


What’s your current traffic volume? You can check it in Administration.

Administration and then go to?


Here’s the link:

Thxs Kuba,

Not sure what those heartbeat ping are because that’s almost half of the actions.


Hi @dave,
You can find the description of each event type in our Help Center article: How can I estimate the number of actions for the pricing? | Piwik PRO help center

I encourage you to take your time with our Help Center content: If you don’t find what you’re looking for - let us know.

Thxs Tymek ! All clear.

Btw is there anything we still need to do in order to keep the account? Disabled heartbeat and some other things so we will normally get below the 500K/month.


Just send the instance address here or on priv. :slight_smile: