Installation problem


I’m sorry, it’s probably a newbie problem, but I can’t activate Piwik pro data collection on this site: Decriiipt - Le média par Intuiti

The debugger isn’t working either. What I’ve done:

  • installed the tag in script format via GTM
  • activated the basic tracking code via Piwik Tag Manager
  • activated several tags via Piwik Tag Manager
  • No consent is required" for each tag
  • Respect opt-out and DNT" > OFF for each tag
  • async" for each tag

Do you know what could be causing the problem?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hi @olive,

Welcome to our community!

After quick check of the script you are using on the website I don’t think it’s the correct container code.

I recommend installing Piwik PRO via GTM like this:

  1. Go to Menu → Administration → Sites & Apps → [Site you want to install tracking for] → Installation → Sites → Install manually
  2. Click on Copy to clipboard under the basic container
  3. In GTM create a Custom HTML tag in which you paste this code
  4. Add all pages trigger
  5. Click Save. Click Submit. Click Publish.

Of course the best way to install it would be directly in the code of the website but if that’s not possible then the GTM solution from above should work perfectly fine

Hi @Oliwer_Kaczmarek

Thank you for your help! Great to join Piwik community :slight_smile:

I just checked. This is exactly the tag which is already running on GTM.

Could it be a conflict with Matomo? I read articles about it. Matomo was installed before Piwik. Should I stop using Matomo? (not a problem for me, we want to change).


Hi Olivier
Yes, Matomo and Piwik PRO do not work together well. There are ways around it but removing Matomo is by far the simplest way to fix the issue.
But in case you’d like to use both we have articles on how to go about it.
Check this article: Can I use Piwik PRO and Matomo at the same time? | Piwik PRO help center


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