Integration Piwik Pro and OneTrust


We have been trying to implement Piwik Pro with OneTrust for one of our clients. I have got a question from one of our developers regarding the integration as we have not yet got it to work after following the documentation: How can I integrate a third-party cookie consent tool with Piwik PRO? | Piwik PRO help center

The information we need is the following:

  1. Which status should which cookie category have for the anonymous tracking to work?
  2. When changing cookie settings in a consent form, should for example the analytics cookie category have the same value as when using setInitialComplianceSettings?

Also the ppms API is firing unreliably. We can see the cookie being set sporadically, but not all the time. What could be the cause of this?

Would be grateful for all the help we can get!

Thanks in advance!

In upcoming days there will be a new blog post on that will guide through the OneTrust integration with all necessary code etc. If you can wait I think this will be the best option and the most reliable.

Thanks Michal.

Is there any alternative solution? We will keep an eye out for the new guide.

There need to be an integration between OT and Piwik PRO that will match the consent types and fire Consent Manager API. You can do it by yourself and maintain it or use the official solution that will be published. There is no other way around that. Of course there is an option of going for the Piwik PRO consent manager :wink:
When it comes to the questions from your first message I’m not sire if I understand them correctly. Anonymous tracking is basically how/if do you want to track data when no consent is given. Here is more info about it Collect data in a privacy-friendly way | Piwik PRO help center I’m not sure wht do you mean by the second and third question.

I would add some additional information to this thread as well,

  1. Anonymous tracking is used by default, to track users in a deanonimized way you should use this method: deanonymizeUser. The oposite of that would be the setUserIsAnonymous method with value: true.
  2. When it comes to values for consents, there are three option:
  • -1 – a user did not made a decision
  • 0 – user disagreed to this consent
  • 1 – user agreed to this consent

setInitialComplianceSettings will set consent values to -1, which means that the user did not made a decision yet. But when the user makes a decision you want to change the value either to 0 (when he didn’t agree) or 1 (when he did) by using setComplianceSettings method.

Could you please provide more details about the issue with ppms API?


Any updates regarding to this request?