Is it possible to have two PiwikPro trackers?

Hi all, strange question, I know :slight_smile:

Le me explain.

I have a site which is multi region and I am loading the PiwikPro script via GTM

Originally I thought that creating a property for /UK, another one for /FR then having a Meta Site that includes /UK + /FR would be fine. But if I do that, I will lose the data for the content that is at root level (eg

Would it be possible to have a property for, where the script for this property is loaded on all pages AND loading the script for the other properties based of the URL path /UK, /FR etc? Not sure if this would create issues or not!

The Meta Site would then become redundant?

Thank you


When it comes to having two Piwik PRO containers on one page, you would have to adjust it so it would work properly. You can fallow steps from a guide on how to have matomo and Piwik PRO at the same time as the issue there is similar Can I use Piwik PRO and Matomo at the same time? | Piwik PRO help center.
In your case though I’d recommend having third site for root pages and have a metasite for all three sites (/UK, /FR, root) this is the simplest solution.

Thank for your answer, I’ll follow your advice