Is Piwik not working today?

I can’t connect to Piwik Analytics and all Looker Studio dashboards are showing connection errors.

Login page is blocked this way

Is there some problem on my account or is it widespread?


Hi @muttley90,

Are you a Core or Enterprise user? If the latter then the issue should be gone now or soon (try refreshing the page). Edit: if you are a Core user let me know too :slight_smile:

Thank you,
I logged in successfully.
Now that I logged in, I found that there is no order tracked since last tuesday at 13.00

We are still investigating the event connected to issues with the login process, but if there’s data loss involved it should only impact 12:00-13:10 CET on 12/01/2024.

Please verify whether this is not connected to other issues such as dataLayer or general ecommerce tracking implementation.

Tracking is working as usual, with no changes in 2024.

Could you send me the name or URL of your Piwik PRO account? It can be either here or in a private message.

Closing the topic as the issue with missing orders was a result of dataLayer changes.

I am happy to announce that we recently introduced a public status page so that you have a clear overview of incidents that may have affected your service performance.

You can check the status of your service by adding /status to your account address just as in the following example:

Kindly note that this feature is currently in beta and is not yet accessible to all accounts.