Is / was Piwik down this morning?

I couldn’t connect to the different Piwik accounts this morning.
The tags were not loading either and this report also showed that the host was unreachable.

Now it seems to be working again, but in analytics is clearly shows a drop in traffic.

Is there a status page where we can follow up on this?

Hi @rmeekers,
Today in the morning our hosting provider reported intermittent network issues, with connections having increased latency and/or timeouts.
We’ve already contacted support team to advise we’re affected by the outage.

Currently we don’t have Piwik PRO status page showing Core status, though it is planned. Can’t promise any date yet!

We got update from provider that recent WAN (Wide Area Network) update was likely the cause of the outage and the update has been rolled back. Service should be improving.

Thanks, I noticed that the outage at Azure was wider than just Piwik PRO.

Is there an update to this?

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