Is there anything like Processing Rules / View Filters in PiwikPRO

For a client, we want to set a certain hash value depending on a value tracked in a Custom Dimension.
So e.g.

  • if CD1 contains “salad”, set CD2 to “abcdefg”
  • if CD1 contains “sausage”, set CD2 to “qrstuvw”

The values of CD2 cannot be shown to the outside due to security reasons (e.g. people shall not be able to see them by inspecting the Network traffic or Tag Manager code), so it is really important that the values are set on the server and not in the client.

In GA, I do this via View & Property Filters, in Adobe Analytics, Processing Rules leave me any freedom I like for such things.

Dimensional Value Groupings do not help btw because we need to be able to use the values of CD2 as filters in eg Data Studio dashboards.

And btw, can PiwikPRO remove this utterly fake “comparison” of AA and PiwikPRO, obviously the writer has no experience with AA and writing sth misinformed like this just hurts Piwik’s reputation more than it helps: ) Web analytics platforms comparison review and sheet

Hi. We don’t have such a feature. The only thing I can mention are extractions that work for event-scoped custom dimensions but it most likely won’t solve this use case (I believe you take the base value from datalayer).

To achieve the expected outcome some proxy service would need to be used (or a server side tag manager).

Regarding your feedback on AA, I’ve passed this to the team so that the article could be improved.