Lack of folders in all areas (analytics, tags) makes it hard to scale

We are looking to use Piwik for more in-depth analytics, but we are really confined with the lack of a content structure for reports, tags, and other items.

The thin window on the left side of the app with a single level of items will not scale well, especially with large organizations that run multiple marketing campaigns a month. It seems like having to scroll to find prefixes or filtering to specific keywords will hamper our scalability after we get 30 items out.

A basic folder structure or dedicated tags would help immensely in organizing our various service lines, campaigns, and other analytics efforts.


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Such a folder structure is a really good feature to have. I will create a feature request based on the description that you provided here.

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Thank you.

A feature that allows the user to re-sort or move items up/down in that left-hand column would make it a little more managable in current form. Then the user could reorder the goals or items into “categories” by positioning everything next to each other.

Currently, if I add another goal for campaign X, but I already added campaign Y goals under the other campaign X goals, the goals can’t be reordered to their logical order.