Custom Report Folders

Would love the ability to organize custom reports.
The search feature is amazing but difficult to easily remember what you named a report you created several months ago when having to update a Powerpoint for a presentation.

This feature would make it really helpful to be able to organize reports by team, priority, or report type. Especially helpful for those who are most often in PIWIK and main contact for generating these reports.


Hi John,

You can apply filters that will only show you the selected report type -

You can also sort the reports by name, date created, date updated and type -

When it comes to organizing by team / priority I presume as an alternative you could use prefixes in the report names such as [Team A], [Team B] etc. and the same could be done for priority.

I’ll create feature requests for these. Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I have created prefixes for the naming report for now to help with organization. Just thought it would be a useful feature to have with the number of reports we are creating based on employee requests.

Have a great day,