Linkedin Conversion Tracking Code Not Working


I have integrated the tracking code from Linkedin to Piwik weeks ago. We run paid ads that send traffic from Linkedin to the website.

I have discussed with our LinkedIn expert and everything is fine on that side.

Why do I still not see any data on “paid media traffic” under “analytics”, “paid media” section?

Hi @Marta_GIB,

Have you checked whether the Linkedin tracking code is being fired and it’s visible in the tag manager debugger (assuming that the code is installed through Piwik PRO Tag Manager)? If so, are there any errors in the browser’s console?

hi Anthony,

when i go to tag manager, the linkedin insight is there in the “tags” sections. when i click on “debug” it goes on the website.

not sure what you are asking me here, please guide me step by step

Please also verify whether the tag has a trigger attached to it. You can check it by scrolling down to the lower part of the tag details:

When it comes to the tag manager debugger, once your site is opened (after clicking debug) the debugger should be visible on the right side of your screen (a vertical element).

Verify whether after performing a certain action (that relates to the attached trigger) the Linkedin tag Fired status changes from Not fired to a different value, e.g. 1.

hi Anthony,

yes, i clicked on “debug” and it shows 1 next to the linkedin insight.

but from “paid media traffic” in the analytics - paid media section its still showing as “no data available”

I though you mean that there’s no data in some Linkedin dashboard :sweat_smile:.

We don’t pull data from Linkedin, the Insight tag is only responsible for embeding the code on the website.

The report you are looking at applies the filters below, so the already tracked data might not meet these criteria and therefore No data available is displayed:

hi Anthony,

how do i apply these filters? also, are these filter able to show me and differentiate the traffic coming from my linkedin ads?

The filters are already applied in this report - that’s where the screenshot is coming from.

If you’d like to see how different ad campaigns are performing then you can either the Paid media dashboard (e.g. the Top paid media campaigns widget) or switch to Reports and look under the Acquisition section.

Please keep in mind that the URLs coming from the ad have to be properly tagged (e.g. with utm parameters) for us to recognize them as campaign URLs.