Piwik is not working

we tried all three ways of adding the code:

  • WordPress plugin
  • adding the code to the page
  • installation via GTM
    Piwik does not work and does not collect any data …

Did you check your setup on the tracker debugger (you can find it in Analytics->Settings)? In case of any tracking issues, you will find the reason there.

yes i know, its nothing there


do tags really fire? You could check for the hostname of your Piwik PRO account in the network tab for example. If you can not see the script load as well as send out tracking hits, you might see error messages in the browser console. There might be a Content Security Policy in place that blocks tracking for example… or other messages that indicate a problem.

If tracking should be active at the moment you could share the URL here in case you are unsure about the results of your own investigation.


it started to work over the weekend, without any changes from our side … so have no clue what was the reason