Looker - Google Ads filter not working


When I want to filter Campaign Name (Google Ads) the report breaks each time. All other filter works fine but the Google ones don’t. Whats up?

Could you please give me more details about the problem that you are having? I assume that the problem applies to the Looker studio integration. Could you maybe share a URL of the website that you are referring to and some screenshots of the issue with me in a private message?

Hi :slight_smile: Just sent it to you in PM


Hi @dandan ! First, I’d like to apologize for keeping you waiting for the response. And secondly, I’d like to thank you, as your post was my final motivation to create this summary Looker Studio Connector - known issues and ETAs This will be a place where you (and other users) shall look for the statuses of the issues like the one you’ve asked about here. As you’ll see there, the Google Ads issue is being fixed as we speak and the new version with a fix will be released in November. Stay tuned!