Looker Studio Connector Bug: Limiting number of slices in Pie Charts

I have this Pie Chart:

If I set it to 10 slices (default), it works.

But if I change it to anything lower than 7 slices, it does not work anymore:

The Data Studio error message is misleading. Because even if I remove all Filters, it stays this way.

@loldenburg thank you for finding this. This is most likely because when selecting a smaller amount of slices, Looker Studio sets a filter internally which is then passed to our connector. This behaviour is similar to controlling the amount of results with a dropdown filter - Looker Studio uses the “In list” filter operator in those cases, which we don’t currently support.

We’ll look for a solution for this problem. I agree that this error message is not helpful.

Thanks, Piotrze, let us know when you have a solution!