Looker Studio Connector: Regexp Matches don't work

I have seen Filters do not work with Data Studio Connector (from 28.11.) - #3 by dave, but this may be sth different:
I want a row to display only values if the Custom Dimension (translated to “Seitentitel” in the table screenshot) DOES NOT match a certain RegExp:

But it does not work: Values like “Mehr als 500 Jobs” or “51 Jobs bei …” are shown.
I have also tried
\d+ Jobs?
[0-9]+ Jobs?
and similar, to no avail…

@loldenburg just to make sure, are you using the latest version of the connector?
I tried to reproduce the issue on my dashboards, but couldn’t.
The regexp with \d works perfectly for me:

In the case above, the only result I get is when there’s another word between the number and the word I specified, which is the correct behavior as it’s not a full match.
I used this list as a starting point:

Hi @Piotrek,
not sure how I check the version, but if I go to “manage data sources”-> edit connection → Name of connector (“Piwik Pro Analytics”) → click on link → it says 1.0.6 which is the newest.
I added the connector in December.

I just re-checked it, it is still not working for me.

Maybe we can do some screensharing? I will send you my email separately.

@Piotrek Thanks for helping here, this is a blocking issue for us.

@loldenburg I reached out to you in the private messages, let’s make sure we can find out the reason for the issue

@loldenburg in case you can’t jump into the screensharing session, a couple of things to check.

Is the custom dimension used in the filter the same as the one you are using in the table definition (first screenshot)? If they are different, that could be the reason, as they might have different values.

For anyone interested in this topic, during a screensharing session we noticed that the filters didn’t properly work when the “Inherit filters” option was enabled for Global report filters.

@loldenburg I tried to reproduce our findings from our session today, but with a slightly different Global filter, everything works properly, just like in my screenshot from two days ago:

Because of that, I recommend checking how in this case the global filter could interfere with the filter set in the table. For some reason, they are cancelling each other out and this is not because of any bug in the connector itself, but rather in the filter setup.

Hmm thanks, I still can’t explain this logically in any way. There are no issues with it in other widgets which also use filters.
But as soon as I use ANY RegExp-based filter together with the main filter, it breaks.

If I e.g. do:
INCL Title “contains” “word” → works fine
INCL Title “RegExp match” “word” → is ignored (no results)

But I have found the reason now:
“RegExp Match” is a FULL Match (other than what I would expect, because RegExp matches are usually “contains” matches unless specified otherwise, e.g. in JS “dog”.match(/do/) returns something. This is also how the RegExp “match” works for Google Analytics data. It would imho be good if Piwik followed the same logic or makes this clearer.

So in short, if I use
“RegExp match” “.word.”, it works.

@loldenburg that’s definitley a very useful bit of information - thanks for pointing that out :+1:

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