Looker Studio: visitors and sessions of a specific site section


I’m trying to show the number of visitors (and/or sessions) of a specific website section (i.e www.mysite.com/section1).

The section has various URLS, i.e.

/section1/ = 100 visitors
/section1/page1 = 50 visitors
/section1/page2 = 30 visitors
/section1/page 3 = 20 visitors

As results I have 200 visitors (the sum of each single URL users) instead of the deduplicated/actual number of users who have seen at least one page of the section1.

The same with sessions. In Universal Analytics we were able to use segments and export them in LookerStudio to solve this kind of problems. Is there a way with PiwikPro?

Thank you!

Just tried with the count distinct of the "visitor_id", it looks fine but i’m not totally sure. Are there other ways?

Unfortunately, there is no way of exporting segments to Looker Studio. The only solution to that would be to recreate your Piwik PRO settings into Looker Studio.