Multiple conditions for goal


Is it true the goals in Piwik can only be set by one condition at the moment? If so, is this something that’s on the roadmap to change? I would like to be able built goals when several pararameters of an event has been hit.

For example:

Goal 1
category = steps registration
event = step 1

Goal 2:
category = buying process
event = step 1

You can use multiple conditions. The way to do it is use a ‘Goal conversion’ tag in the Tag Manager and assign it a trigger with the multiple conditions, see an example:

trigger conditions

You may need to add Tag manager’s custom variables to read additional data from the data layer.

To give you some additional context: the bottomline is to trigger goal via tag manager instead of using just the conditions available while creating a goal. In this case, while creating a new goal, you pick the option to trigger the goal manually. Check also this guide. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this with me. I do wonder why the distiction? At this moment we are testing Piwik on two of our websites. One through GTM and one with the PTM. So basically when you want to use GTM or any other tag management system for that matter you can’t do this?

You can. In general, any tag management solution adds more flexibility in this context.

If you want to go with GTM, you should mark the goal to be triggered manually and trigger it via this code: trackGoal (as a custom html tag).

The other thing is that you can also install PTM via GTM (custom html tag). Then you have access to all Piwik PRO features (including consent management and tag templates for instance).