More options for creating goals from events


I’ll just be sharing my observations about Piwik while I’m getting started with it. I don’t expect this to be done at all, but take it as qualitative feedback of areas that I think could be improved. Great product by the way.

On to the point then. Creating goals from events at the moment is a hassle for more complex websites. This has been brought up before (but not in the feature request area, so I’ll bump it here).

The issue is that you cannot create a goal from multiple conditions in events. There are workarounds to this through GTM/MTM but this isn’t a great solution in our case because it moves a lot of mutable business logic into a tag manager that we used to be able to solve easily with GA. We haven’t decided on a workaround yet, but it’ll either be not using segmented goals and doing analysis on events. Or some ugly regex hacking with one of the event labels.

To give some context. Our client has ~20 locations and hundreds of services. When someone orders something on the website we send an event which could resemble this:

  • Category: Booking_confirmed
  • Action: Location
  • Label: Service

We have other non-conversion events that could use Location and Service as the action/label. For instance, “select_service”. It would be useful to be able to select “Event category = Booking” and Service =“service_x”. We don’t want to create goals out of every single permutation here - but some are important enough business priorities to warrant their own goal.

The workaround suggested is to create a goal manually and add it to GTM. That is possible, but it’s a pain if we want to track 15-20-30 specific goals compared to GA where you could create goals based on multiple conditions out of the box.

I believe this is something that will surprise people moving from GA to Piwik - especially your larger clients with more complex segmentation needs.

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