New e-commerce guides/references

Hey Piwik Pro team,

Version 17.2.0 just released and improved on the e-commerce module but I can’t seem to find any documentation related to this. Particularly the “Product detail view”.

Is there any updated documentation or reference materials anywhere?


Hi alexanderf!

The 17.2.0 has not been released in the product yet. The updated documentation should be available a day after the release.

You can check the current product version in the menu section of Piwik PRO:


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After having read the documentation on the new e-commerce methods in v. 17.2, I am still a bit confused on how the new ecommerceCartUpdate() method should be used.

The ecommerceCartUpdate() method tracks the initial state of the cart. It should be called each time a session starts and only once per session. Its purpose is to restore the state of a cart that was abandoned in a previous session.

What if the cart is empty, should we still call this function with no products when the session starts?

If we call this function with no products, will this not be treated as Shopping stage = Abandoned cart?

What if the user is initially logged out, should we call this function immediately after the user logs in?

Thank you for your clarifications.

Hi joao!

I can see that there are parts of the documentation that could be misleading without additional context. We will most likely update it soon :slight_smile:.

If the cart is empty there is no need to send the ecommerceCartUpdate. I’d even advise against using it that way (see 2nd answer).

The cart will be treated as an abandoned cart.

For scenarios where shop cart is populated after user logs in I would send ecommerceCartUpdate immidiately after the user logs in. If user logs in and the cart stays empty then you should not send an empty ecommerceCartUpdate.

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