Offline/delayed goal conversion

In short this is our use case: a user signs up as a lead at our site which we track as Goal 1. Later on (might be hours, days or weeks) we internally (without any interaction from the user) validate that lead and decides if it’s a valid lead and then how much revenue that lead was worth, this we want to track as Goal 2.

In our current setup with GA we store some basic tracking information in our database when we track goal 1 (such as UTM-params, clientId, gclid), then we send a server side http request to GA with that information when we track Goal 2, which will connect that Goal with the original session. This allows us to analyze the traffic and campaigns on Goal 2 (which is the real data point we want to measure) instead of Goal 1.

How can we achieve this with Piwik Pro?

I’ve experimented with sending a http request to ppms.php with userId and goal+value, but I don’t see how I can connect that to the original session.

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